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Adaptive roller shutters

ROLLER SHUTTERS Roller-shutters in SK, SKE and SKP adaptive systems are intended mainly for use in existing buildings. The advantage of these products is undoubtedly the lack of interference in the current state of the building, as they do not require special preparations for installation and are not integrated with the window. Thanks to this, […]

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Attachment SKT roller shutters

ROLLER SHUTTERS SKT roller shutters may be used both in newly erected buildings and during modernization of existing buildings when replacing window joinery. The system of built-in shutters is characterised by direct mounting of the shutter box on the window frame using an appropriate adaptation profile. These profiles are compatible with most profiles of window

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Attachment roller shutters SKB

ROLLER SHUTTERS The SKB Styroterm overhead roller shutter system is a highly technologically advanced solution, designed to improve the energy balance of a building. Tests carried out at the renowned IFT ROSENHEIM research institute have shown that this solution has an extremely low thermal transmittance coefficient (Usb as low as 0.29 W/m²K), which puts it

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Flush mounted roller shutters

ROLLER SHUTTERS Flush mounted systems are intended to be used mainly in newly constructed buildings. However, after making necessary changes in the lintel area, these products can also be installed in existing buildings. It is important to plan the application of such solutions and the manner of their installation already at the building design stage,

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Facade shutters

SHUTTERS Façade louvres are an elegant and modern product installed on the building façade. They fulfil the function of an insulator, which to a large extent influences the temperature in the room, therefore the product is dedicated mainly to buildings with large glazings. Each type of façade blind can be fitted with a guide or

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