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Facade shutters


Façade louvres are an elegant and modern product installed on the building façade. They fulfil the function of an insulator, which to a large extent influences the temperature in the room, therefore the product is dedicated mainly to buildings with large glazings.

Each type of façade blind can be fitted with a guide or steel rope (when there is no space to mount the guides) and can be operated by electric or manual (handle) drive. The simple construction of PORTOS façade louvres combined with the lightweight design is ideal for modern architectural designs and existing buildings.

In addition to their insulating function, PORTOS façade louvres also have an aesthetic and visual impact. Properly selected, combined with an appropriate lighting and air conditioning system, reduces costs and contributes to the improvement of environmental conditions.

Façade louvers are an innovative and stylish product changing the character of a building façade. They protect the interior of the building against excessive sunlight, providing an effective barrier to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room. The possibility to set the angle of inclination of the lamellas allows optimal shading of the interior of the room and regulates the amount of solar heat penetration into the building. Additionally, façade blinds are an effective barrier eliminating excessive noise from the surroundings.

Facade lamellas are manufactured in two types with a cross-section resembling the letter C and 80mm wide, or with a cross-section similar to the letter Z and 90mm wide.

In order to protect lamellas against the harmful effects of weather conditions, the top layer of lamellas is covered with polyester paint. A wide range of RAL colours makes it possible to match the product to any type of building façade. The functionality of the system is further enhanced by the possibility to use a wide range of additional devices in the case of the electric drive control option.

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