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HS MB-77


Lift and slide doors are an ideal solution for connecting rooms or conservatories with the outside environment, they are convenient exits to a balcony, terrace or open garden space.

They enable very good contact with the surroundings, and in the open position they do not take up space inside the room, which additionally increases their comfort. The MB-77HS system belongs to the products with the best parameters and meets all the requirements set for this product group.

It has two construction variants with different thermal insulation: ST and HI. The construction of profiles allows exclusive large size doors to be made, filled with single or double glazing, and the materials and technical solutions used help achieve a high level of thermal and acoustic protection. Thanks to its properties, this system is ideal for single family dwellings as well as comfortable flats or hotels.

Features of MB-77HS


Water resistance

Class 9A
EN 12208

Air permeability

class 4
PN-EN 12207



UW from 0,84 W/(m2K)*



2 years warranty on fittings as standard, 5 years on profile


Colour palette

Glass catalogue

What we offer in standard?

3-point locking system

Leaves up to 400 kg

Possibility to embed in the threshold to 48 mm

Leaf sizes over 3x3m

What else can we offer?

Leaf weight up to 600kg

Opening support


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