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Mission, vision and our values

All Windows Group Mission: Our priority is to build the success of our Partners by providing innovative solutions and products of the highest quality, while supporting the development of our employees.

All Windows Group’s vision for 2025: We aim to be among the top five largest and most profitable companies in the windows and doors industry in the European market, driven by the ambition of growth and innovation.

The values that shape our business 

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Efficiency in action and goal orientation


We persistently pursue the company’s goals by achieving our individual goals. We are effective in our actions that lead us to our intended goals. Our effectiveness is based on precise planning and flexible adaptation to changing conditions. We make sure that every step is a step towards our common goals.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing


We are ready to skillfully and effectively pass on the knowledge we have gained to others, and we are willing to share our experience by making it easier for others to accomplish their tasks. We are not afraid to ask questions, because we know that by doing so we will achieve the desired results together. We believe that each team member brings value through their unique perspective and expertise. The culture of cooperation and knowledge sharing at All Windows Group creates ideal conditions for professional development, enabling Employees to expand their competencies and advance to higher positions.

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Commitment and willingness


We are eager to take action and solve problems. We have a positive attitude towards the duties we perform and constantly strive to improve the performance of our work. We show an active attitude and willingly (gladly) participate in additional tasks. Our commitment is manifested not only in individual work, but also in the pursuit of joint successes. We are developing a culture in which every employee feels responsible for the company’s achievements.



We recognize and understand the needs of others, remaining open to new concepts and opportunities. We are guided by an out-of-the-box approach to problems, constantly trying to push the boundaries of generally accepted schemes. Our work environment fosters innovation by encouraging employees to think creatively and explore new possibilities. Creativity at All Windows Group drives continuous improvement and innovation.

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Mutual respect


Together we build and nurture relationships based on mutual respect and trust. We are open and friendly to both our clients and colleagues. We clearly specify our expectations respecting our own and others’ time. We create a safe atmosphere by giving others a sense of comfort in expressing their thoughts. We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. At All Windows Group, we emphasize a culture of respect, which translates into better cooperation and work efficiency.

Integrity and credibility


We reliably follow the rules and generally accepted standards. We always provide truthful information, because we know that by doing so we build our credibility. Everything we do is sincere and transparent, we value truthfulness and keep our promises and commitments. We maintain high ethical standards in all our activities, which ensures our customers’ and business partners’ trust.

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