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ALUMINIUM SLIDING SYSTEM Lift-and-slide patio door system with thermal break MB-82HS is a construction perfectly suited for modern interiors. It enables the creation of comfortable, everyday use structures that connect the living room with the terrace. MB-82HS is characterized by high aesthetics, simplified prefabrication, andvery good technical parameters including high thermal insulationand air and water […]

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ALUMINIUM SLIDING SYSTEM The MB-86 FOLD LINE HD system is a solution that is very convenient for everyday use, while having high technical parameters and making it possible to make large-size constructions. Folding doors can be opened both outward and inward. MB-86 FOLD LINE any arrangement of leaf configurations. It is a modern product, designed

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HS MB-77

ALUMINIUM SLIDING SYSTEM Lift and slide doors are an ideal solution for connecting rooms or conservatories with the outside environment, they are convenient exits to a balcony, terrace or open garden space. They enable very good contact with the surroundings, and in the open position they do not take up space inside the room, which

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ALUMINIUM SLIDING SYSTEM A large sliding door system with slim profiles completely concealed in the floor, walls and ceiling. Moreview makes it possible to construct doors with a maximum height of 4 m and a maximum weight of the sliding sash of 1200 kg. The aesthetics of the construction are supported by, among other things,

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