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A large sliding door system with slim profiles completely concealed in the floor, walls and ceiling.

Moreview makes it possible to construct doors with a maximum height of 4 m and a maximum weight of the sliding sash of 1200 kg. The aesthetics of the construction are supported by, among other things, a visible mullion width of only 27 mm at the exit of the sashes. The innovative design makes it possible to install glass panes side by side without any aluminium components visible from the outside. The static mullion makes it possible to create a sequence of fixed glazings, and the all-glass corner allows them to be joined at any angle.

The static mullion makes it possible to construct a line of fixed glazing, which can also be joined at any angle using the all-glass corner. Independent MV constructions can in turn be joined at 90°. The system also includes the possibility to create pocket doors which, when opened, retract fully into the building wall in a specially designed pocket, maximising the clear passage when the wings are opened.

Moreview doors are available with manual or automatic control options, the mechanism which controls the opening process can be hidden or mounted outside the structure depending on your needs. As part of the automation, the door can be controlled from a smartphone, for example. The solution also features such conveniences as threshold-free enclosure or a linear drainage system integrated with the frame, which efficiently drains water from the structure.

Features of MOREVIEW


Water resistance

Class 9A
EN 12208

Air permeability

class 4
PN-EN 12207



Uw from 0,7 W/m²K*



2 years warranty on fittings as standard, 5 years on profile


Colour palette

Glass catalogue

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