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Sectional door STANDARD 40mm


The STANDARD 40mm garage door is an ideal choice for those who appreciate the highest quality of use and aesthetics. This model is convenient to use, extremely durable and safe. It is easy to match with any architecture.

The door skin is made of 40 mm thick panels filled with polyurethane foam. The walls of the panels are made of hot-dip galvanised steel sheets and then painted or coated with PVC veneer.

The gate structure is made of galvanised steel elements. The whole door is protected by a system of permanent seals. The door can be opened manually or by means of an electric drive.

Features of the Standard 40 mm sectional door


Thermal insulation

Panels filled with polyurethane foam not only prevent heat loss from the garage, but also effectively suppress noise.



This model has been equipped with numerous safety features, including among others, anti-bump panels, protection against falling of the door due to broken springs or broken cables.


The door consists of, among other things, panels made of sturdy sheet metal, torsion springs with a minimum of 20,000 cycles and a construction made of galvanised steel.

Easy opening

Manual opening is easy due to the use of a drive shaft together with torsion springs balancing the door weight. An electric operator allows you to enter the garage without having to get out of the vehicle.

Colours, structures, applications, embossments

What we offer in standard?


Bottom slip seal


Seal in lintel profile


Rear beam


Manual opening

What else can we offer?




Aluminium profile

Low back


Automatic opening