The MB-104 Passive window and door system is an advanced solution, designed specifically for passive construction, where maximum energy efficiency is a priority. Passive House Institute Darmstadt certificates confirm the high quality and excellent thermal performance of MB-104 Passive, both for windows and doors.

MB-104 Passive offers excellent technical and airtightness parameters that provide thermal comfort and protection from the weather. The heat transfer coefficient for windows starts at 0.52 W/(m²K) and for doors at 0.62 W/(m²K), demonstrating their remarkable energy efficiency. The system also allows the installation of glazing up to 81 mm thick, allowing for a wide range of choices in terms of thermal insulation and security. Thanks to its robust construction, MB-104 Passive is able to withstand heavy loads and carry out large-scale projects.

Features of MB-104 PASSIVE, a window and door profile


Water resistance

AE 1800 class
PN-EN 12208:2001

Air permeability

class 4
PN-EN 12207:2001



Uw from 0.52 W/(m2K)



2 years warranty on fittings as standard, 5 years on profile

MB-104 Variants

The MB-104 Passive system is available in two main variants: MB-104 Passive SI, which offers very high thermal insulation, and MB-104 Passive Aero, which, with its even better thermal performance, is ideal for projects focused on maximum energy savings. These variants make it possible to fine-tune the system to meet the individual needs of users, guaranteeing comfort and energy efficiency at the highest level.

* Parameters given for the warm frame used.

Colors of MB-104 PASSIV windows

Colour palette

Glass catalogue

Product Catalogue

MB-104 standard:


Locking point
every 750 mm

okucia wielopunktowe

Multipoint fittings


Dublin handle

What do we offer in addition to the MB-104 system?


e.Volution 70 AD

Hidden hinges up to 3m

narożne przeszklenia

Corner glazing

smart home tablet

Smart home

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