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HS PremiDoor 76


Premidoor 76 is the perfect solution for both new build and refurbishment. With Premidoor 76 you will experience the feeling of complete freedom and liberty in your own home.

Premidoor 76 is an innovative lift & slide door system with an installation depth of 179 mm. It allows for free arrangements in the development of terraces, balconies and winter gardens. Large glass area optically enlarges rooms and optimally illuminates the interior. Thanks to our solutions, your house will open up to the greenery behind the window, and the door will perfectly match the climate of the interior.
A modern barrier-free threshold as standard will provide you with comfort and optimum thermal insulation.

The innovative design of Trocal 76 AD makes it possible to incorporate modern triple glazing packets with a thickness of up to 48 mm and various functional panes. Thanks to intelligent fastening techniques, professional assembly is carried out quickly, efficiently and without great effort. Replacing old windows with new ones is a pleasure.

Features of HS PremiDoor 76



Ud= 0,85 W/m²*K
(for Ug= 0,5 W/m²*K)



32 dB


Water resistance

Uncovered 1A



5 years warranty on fittings as standard, 5 years on profile


Colour palette

Glass catalogue

What we offer in standard?

3-point locking system

Leaves up to 400 kg

Possibility to embed in the threshold to 48 mm

Leaf sizes over 3x3m

What else can we offer?

Leaf weight up to 600kg

Opening support


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