Trocal 70 AD


All features reserved for exclusive window systems now available as standard in the new Trocal 70 AD system.

Modern window system with an installation depth of 70 mm. The undeniable advantages of this system are: significant savings on heating costs, high acoustic insulation, optimum protection against burglary and wide possibilities for refining the external surface of profiles.

All the features reserved for exclusive window systems are now available as standard in the new Trocal 70 system! Optimum installation depth, maximum amount of light in rooms, thanks to narrow profiles, unlimited possibility of constructing high balcony doors and large windows, thanks to increased statics Double thermal protection, thanks to special profile design, elimination of thermal bridges inside the profiles, possibility of installing exceptionally thermal glazing sets, universal, timeless window design, ideally suited to modern buildings and renovations.

Features of the Knipping 70 AD window



Uw= 1,30 W/m²*K
(for Ug= 1,1 W/m²*K)



32 dB


Water resistance




5 years warranty on fittings as standard, 5 years on profile



*Sample colours may vary slightly from the finished product. In the case of wood-like colours, the pattern is not uniform and may differ in texture and shade in places.

Colour palette

Glass catalogue

What we offer in standard?

Filling the lower fitting groove

e.Volution 70 AD

Microventilation in RU sashes


Handle misplacement blockade

Standard fittings

What else can we offer?


e.Volution 70 AD

Hidden fittings

Perfect Corner

e.Volution 70 AD

Warm edge

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